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Zombie Company Crusade

Defend the world against the zombie scourge with full troop controls and battle against your friends and foes in Arena Mode.

Available now on the Apple App Store, Zombie Company Crusade is a newly released mobile game developed by a former United States Marine Scout Sniper who while working anti-piracy on ships off the coast of Africa was struck with inspiration to build his own video game.

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With Zombie Company Crusade, Thad David aims to change the way we play and interact with other gamers on our mobile devices. It is designed to optimize single and multi-player gaming and adds the chaos, excitement and thrill that only marauding zombie hordes can bring to traditional game play. Who doesn’t love a good zombie horde wreaking some serious havoc!

Why Build ZCC?

We couldn't find a modern style RTS for the mobile platform, so we built it!

Finally there is a RTS game that incorporates what you value about gaming: graphics, strategy, massive multiplayer gaming. This is not an experience for those who are afraid of a challenge. The world of ZCC is a chaotic stage of combat and defense. You will be able to engage in combat with an extremely large collective of leaders struggling to thrive in a world where survival is the commute.

The 3D graphics provide a sense of realism that draws you in as you lead your troops into battle. You will smell the flesh of the decayed and feel your heart race as you defend the empire...your are working so hard to build.

Challenge your friends and connect with people across the globe as you build allies in a world where to be small and alone is to be absorbed by something larger.

Empires are not stumbled upon. Each player will start with only the basics: sand bags and wooden huts, and will have to battle, strategize and risk everything to earn the status of a world powerhouse equipped with tanks, fighter jets, helicopters, and bombers. Means do not always guarantee success. Do you possess the capacity to lead your superior forces across the globe as you eliminate the scourge and assimilate the weak? Or will you be caught in the tide of a greater foe and drown in their superior abilities?


Badass NEW feature to mobile gaming


You cannot have real time strategy without organized and controlled troops, and the days where games with mass slaughter as a form of acceptable strategic combat are over. Leave that to the zombies. In the real world, in ZCC, Troop control is key to success. You do not drop soldiers off into a field to be senselessly slaughtered in combat. This is a game of strategy, not a meat grinder. They are your troops and theywill listen to you. They will follow your orders or they will die trying to.

Badass NEW feature to mobile gaming


Since the dawn of civilization alliances have been formed and broken as an empire expands. Now you will have the opportunity to form bonds with other players as you expand and conquer the world. The undead seek to annihilate and turn at that which is pure and living in this world. You might be able to survive on your own, but to conquer and to dominate, you will need to partner yourself with strong allies to crush your opponents and stain the ground in the blood of any who stand in your way.

Team up with people and test your strategies as you take on other world powers. Will these packs prove useful or turn deadly as your friends fail you?

Company scores will be posted on leaderboards so you know where you stand in this vast world. Seek out those who are at the top in your quest to dominate and watch your numbers climb…or fall as you fight battle after battle.



Badass NEW feature to mobile gaming


You will begin your campaign in Australia where you crash land. As you eradicate the undead from these expansive plains, you will purify the continent and build your empire, collecting resources as you move from land to land, unlocking other continents that you can plunder for more resources. Destroy all who stand in your way. Discover a massive world.