The zombie horde is here

Are you ready for the apocolypse?

Hot desert wind at your back, the coastline in front of you breeding a small chance of hope inside you as you struggle to is for beasts. The things that come at you, thirsting to take another bite, they are the ones who struggle to survive. You, you will rise above the ashes of Australia and battle, strategize and ultimately conquer the continent, searing the diseased flesh from those barren plains.

And this is only the first stop.

The world reeks with decay and desolation and only when you have fully turned the continent away from that despair will you be able to stretch your empire beyond those lands as you make your way across a dead world; conquering and ingesting pieces of population and assimilating them into your new world.


After all, with all the bullets you have shed and bodies you have piled, you learn soon that you bow to no one as you set out from Australia to conquer the world.

Your empire will grow and stretch across the globe as it purifies that lands from the scourge...and those that do not see you as the one true leader.

Why Build ZCC?

We couldn't find a modern style RTS for the mobile platform, so we built it!

Finally there is a RTS game that incorporates what you value about gaming: graphics, strategy, massive multiplayer gaming. This is not an experience for those who are afraid of a challenge. The world of ZCC is a chaotic stage of combat and defense. You will be able to engage in combat with an extremely large collective of leaders struggling to thrive in a world where survival is the commute.

The 3D graphics provide a sense of realism that draws you in as you lead your troops into battle. You will smell the flesh of the decayed and feel your heart race as you defend the empire...your are working so hard to build.

Challenge your friends and connect with people across the globe as you build allies in a world where to be small and alone is to be absorbed by something larger.

Empires are not stumbled upon. Each player will start with only the basics: sand bags and wooden huts, and will have to battle, strategize and risk everything to earn the status of a world powerhouse equipped with tanks, fighter jets, helicopters, and bombers. Means do not always guarantee success. Do you possess the capacity to lead your superior forces across the globe as you eliminate the scourge and assimilate the weak? Or will you be caught in the tide of a greater foe and drown in their superior abilities?


Badass NEW feature to mobile gaming


You cannot have real time strategy without organized and controlled troops, and the days where games with mass slaughter as a form of acceptable strategic combat are over. Leave that to the zombies. In the real world, in ZCC, Troop control is key to success. You do not drop soldiers off into a field to be senselessly slaughtered in combat. This is a game of strategy, not a meat grinder. They are your troops and theywill listen to you. They will follow your orders or they will die trying to.

Badass NEW feature to mobile gaming


Since the dawn of civilization alliances have been formed and broken as an empire expands. Now you will have the opportunity to form bonds with other players as you expand and conquer the world. The undead seek to annihilate and turn at that which is pure and living in this world. You might be able to survive on your own, but to conquer and to dominate, you will need to partner yourself with strong allies to crush your opponents and stain the ground in the blood of any who stand in your way.

Team up with people and test your strategies as you take on other world powers. Will these packs prove useful or turn deadly as your friends fail you?

Company scores will be posted on leaderboards so you know where you stand in this vast world. Seek out those who are at the top in your quest to dominate and watch your numbers climb…or fall as you fight battle after battle.



Badass NEW feature to mobile gaming


You will begin your campaign in Australia where you crash land. As you eradicate the undead from these expansive plains, you will purify the continent and build your empire, collecting resources as you move from land to land, unlocking other continents that you can plunder for more resources. Destroy all who stand in your way. Discover a massive world.

Badass NEW feature to mobile gaming


You’re better than your friends. Let’s face it. That’s the truth. But how do you prove that? It’s easy to talk a big game but never risk it against someone you know you can’t defeat. Sometimes you just need to slap your friend, but all in good fun. No need to worry about risking oil or gold or status. Simply destroy their base completely for a victory. Practice strategies, develop abilities, or simply have something to chat with afterwards: all without risk.


The idea was crazy. Never heard of such barbaric BS in my day. When I was in the military before all this, there were rules. Honor...but this...the world has changed

It had to be fate. Or God. What we were doing was wrong. I know that now.

But these are different times. These are times of death.

I still remember how bumpy the flight was that night. It wasn't exactly supposed to be a smooth ride, but when your command sends you on mission, you don't ask him if you can wait for a nicer day.

Strange thing is, it hasn't rained a day since.

The mission was simple. It had to be God, god punishing us for what we were trying to do.

You see, it hadn't exactly been done before...

Ever since the outbreak, people had changed. At first, they clung onto their countries and their ideals, but that s$%# fades fast when death has a face...and teeth...and is about to chop down on your a$#.

People moved to what they knew, small groups of people that could get weapons and protect themselves against the endless run of death that charged at them.

But these...collectives...they soon realized that they weren't happy with only what they had. Shouldn't have surprised anyone. And maybe for the smart ones, it didn't. The moment you get too secure, you start to ponder, you wish, you...desire. And you look out over the range and you wonder who else has it good out there and how you can get some of that good and make it yours.

That's when these groups started to attack each other. It wasn't long before it wasn't just them you had to worry about. It was the guy next to you, and the base next to you. Little collectives of jerks that thought they could take what you had and if you tried to stop them, they'd shoot you right in the head and feed you to them.

Soon groups were gathering together. Civilization reborn...but different.

The smarter leaders outwitted opponents who were lazy or too lustful and took them out, absorbed their resources and grew.

Until select leaders formed. The New World.

It was their way or you woke up on the other side of the wall waiting to be someone's lunch.

The idea was crazy. Never heard of such barbaric BS in my day. When I was in the military before all this, there were rules. Honor...but this...the world has changed.

We flew up in the chop. Strong winds that seemed like threats from God. Turn around. Don't do it. The thought was...but that's why he was in charged.

The plane jolted again. Our platoon sat there looking at one another. The roar of the engines, the snap of lightening and crackle of thunder all tried to drown out and distract us from the real noise...them.

I turned over to The Cage. It was full of them. The mission was ruthless. We were sent in with support to take out any anti aircraft before we reached our drop point. Even though the metal bars held them back, their voracity was incredible. None of the men looked at them, and all of us kept our finger close to the trigger.

We were nearing our drop point.

Another base. Our commander had come up with a much "easier way" of dealing with our enemies. Capture and release. Chaos from within. Handling these creatures made me feel unclean. And maybe it did make me unclean, maybe it was fate's way of shouting at us that we were doing something wrong.

A bright flash and then the noise of the explosion ruptured into the bay. Shrapnel pours into the room, the man across from me takes a metal shard to the neck. A zombie falls suddenly in his cage as a piece careens in and removes part of his head before it ricochets, lands into the shoulder of another beast, it wails but you can't hear it over the noise. My eyes see movement and turn away as I feel a warm pain shoot across my face.

Darkness. For a second.

The loud roar of the dying engines bleeds out into the cargo hold. I grab on to the netting as the plane lurches suddenly.

To my right a guy is bleeding around the metal that pierces through him and into the plane.

The plane drops suddenly and I realize that we are all going to die here.

The cage sways open and the first of them come out.

And that's when the lights go out. Falling. Stabilizing. Then the plane falls again

My stomach is crawling up higher into my throat with every sudden jolt.

How did they know?

This is not happening.

One of the creatures grabs the man next to him and I aim and fire in between blackouts.

It's then I realize the truth. This plane is on it's way down.